Top Engagement Photoshoot Ideas

If you’ve recently gotten engaged, then it’s time to commemorate this special occasion with a romantic photoshoot to help capture the moment. Engagement photos are often used throughout the whole wedding journey, from your custom save the date wedding invites, to your wedding website, and even for favors on the day of your wedding. Engagement photos are a fun way to announce the big news to your friends and family, so it’s important to take photos that are gorgeous and fun, but more importantly, you want to have pictures that showcase who you and your partner are together. 

There are so many ways to personalize your engagement photos. Of course, traditional engagement pictures with classic poses are always in-style, but if you’re looking for pictures that express you and your partner’s personalities, then non-traditional engagement photos are a good way to go. There are a few things to keep in mind when planning and taking engagement pictures to ensure that they turn on perfectly.

When to Take Pictures

A good rule to follow when planning your engagement photos is that they should be taken around one to two months after your engagement. If you’re planning on starting the wedding-planning immediately after getting engaged, it’s a good idea to start on this task right away. Find a photographer whose style works for you and book with them within the first couple months. Getting your pictures taken sooner rather than later can help you make sure that these special photos don’t become an afterthought. Plus, they’re great to use on your save the date cards or magnets!

Where to Take Pictures

Location is everything! Think about all the places you and your partner love to go together. Do you both love the beach and visit there often? Or a brewery that you go to at least once a week? Or even a far away destination that you’ve always wanted to travel to together? All of these places are good options for taking your engagement photos. Use any of these personal spots to inspire your engagement photos. 

Don’t forget to ask your photographer! See what Daniel Nydick has to say about your engagement shoot:

“When planning your engagement session location, talk to your photographer about your passions. Amanda and Greg share a love for all things nature. They spend their free time in the woods, kayaking, and exploring waterfalls. When I asked them if they’d like to shoot in the water, they were super excited, and happy to oblige.”

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Another good location for your engagement pictures is the spot of your first date or the first place you met. Whether your first date was at a local restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or anywhere else, using this location for engagement photos can help you capture a moment that is filled with emotion. Even if you decide not to use those photos as wedding stationery, it’s still great to have personal pictures that capture your love.

We also asked photographer Brittany Harmening What advice she had for her couples when trying to choose a location:

“I always tell clients to pick a location for their shoot that has meaning to them.  For example, these two live and teach in Brooklyn. When they aren’t working, they enjoy relaxing in the park under the Brooklyn Bridge. I feel that being at a place that is special to the couple allows them to be comfortable and at ease. This in turn lets me capture their love in the truest state.”

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How to Take Pictures

It’s likely that standing in front of a photographer will feel awkward at first, but there are a few things you can do to ease any discomfort you may feel. Posing naturally with your partner is a good place to start. Holding hands, embracing, or linking arms are great poses to start with. Once you start to feel comfortable, you can find new poses that feel a little more candid. Acting naturally in a location that the two of you find special can create amazing pictures.

Bringing props with you to your shoot can also help you break up any awkwardness. Are you both into music? Consider bringing records or instruments. If you both love to read, try to incorporate both of your favorite books into the shoot. Using props that are related to both of your personalities is a good way to make the pictures 100 percent you. 

Your wardrobe is another important factor to think about when planning your engagement shoot. It’s a good idea to avoid matching your partner exactly. Instead, wear colors that complement each other. Try not to wear any patterns that are too busy, since this could distract from the overall photo. 

Finally, think about the time of day that you want to take your pictures. Do you want the bright sun shining in the background, or would you rather it be a sunset? Mid-day and golden hour are great times to capture a beautiful shot with great lighting, but don’t be afraid to try out a nighttime shoot, as well.

Get Creative

With all of these tips in mind, we’ve talked with a few photographers to get their hints on creative and personal engagement pictures. Whether you want a fun, snowy shoot in the dead of winter, a destination shoot in another country, or a peaceful, romantic engagement shoot on a lake, be sure to check out what these photographers suggest to make your engagement photos memorable and meaningful. 

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