How you helped Beechtree Design become a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who gets our wedding invitations, knows they are getting a one-of-a-kind invitation worthy of a royal couple.

~ Michelle N. Coyle
Beechtree Design Owner

Your wedding invitation is so special. When you open the box and see your names printed together with your special date, dreams become reality. When I drop off an order, I love seeing all the emotion in the unboxing. Because now… It’s time to invite everyone!

Before I created Beechtree Design, I worked for 2 different invitation stores when I first graduated college.

Then one day…

I was let go… with no warning… and the company went under.  Many brides lost their money because I didn’t get a chance to warn them and give them their money back. Oh, 2008… I don’t miss you AT ALL!

I feared that the same would happen to me if I were to start my own business and help these wonderful couples that became my friends. I was tired of working for someone else who had control of my life and my career.

So I jumped…

I knew that I would be doing a disservice not to help to educate these couples and give them the wedding invitation of their dreams. They became my first clients. I decided to set out to create the most stunning and unique invitations for the most fun and passionate couples in New Jersey.

It turns out…

the road was more difficult than I imagined. I was just learning the wedding industry, and I only had 2 years experience. My other challenge was competing with online invitation companies that seemed to have endless budgets to get to my couples first.

I overcame this by focusing on one couple at a time. Knocking their socks off, they would tell all of their friends. I found that word of mouth and actually getting my product out in front of people made them realize they couldn’t miss out on the quality and the personalized service they were getting.